Toolkit - Online Resource

Auto & Driving

Checking A Vehicle's History

The popular sites CARFAX and AutoCheck are great resources to obtain the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of a vehicle and access a title/history report.

Checking A Vehicle's Value

Kelly Blue Book is the "go to" source for researching a vehicle's value, whether for buying or selling.

Have a Teen Driver? is the #1 site for new drivers. The site offers a great deal of information, from obtaining a license to tips on parallel parking.

For Homeowners

Online Home Inventory Guide

The "Know Your Stuff" website is provided by the Insurance Information Institute and offers a free online home inventory application. They also offer cloud-based storage so the information is always safe.

Office of Public Insurance Counsel

The State of Texas Office of Public Insurance Counsel website provides a lot of great resource information (including explantory guides for common insurance subjects) as well as official bulletins.